Traditions, Trials and Turmoils Within Bristol Churches

Gloria Dei Lutheran Church photo“[New movie, Traditions, Trials and Turmoils Within Bristol Churches]  examines the meaning of religion, and its various styles, for people in our community — from the coming of the Pilgrims to the separation from England to the present day,” Tom Dickau, president of the Bristol Historical Society, said. “I think that every parish in town should have a historian to collect their history in pictures and to do a chronology for them. Every church should know where they come from.”

Dickau has spent the past several months researching as many places of worship in Bristol as possible.

“We even have a small Presbyterian parish called Covenant of Grace Church, which worships at the Bristol Historical Society every Sunday,” he said. “They’re a very vibrant young parish and we are very pleased to have them here.”

Read full article in The Bristol Press

Photo by Internet Archive Book Images

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