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Playing Hasidic Woman in ‘Felix and Meira’ — Again

While “Fill the Void” is something of a valentine to Hasidism, “Felix and Meira” explores Meira’s dissatisfaction with her insular community and her narrow role as mother and wife. Audiences –– undoubtedly a majority secular –– will view the baby steps Meira takes away from her cloistered world as “progress,” but Yaron was slow to… Read more »

Centre bans movie on Indira Gandhi assassination

Following serious concerns raised by the Union home ministry about Punjabi film Kaum De Heere, based on former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s assassination, the Centre on Thursday banned the movie’s release. …The film’s producer, Pardeep Bansal, said the film is based on true incidents, according to the findings of the Justice Thakkar Commission that had… Read more »

Indian Supreme Court on PK

The Supreme Court on Thursday junked a petition seeking a stay on the screening of Aamir Khan starrer “PK” for alleged nudity and scenes with a potential to hurt religious sensibilities. The petitioner, an NGO, had objected to two scenes, one relating to Aamir, 49, posing nude with a strategically placed boom-box, and another of… Read more »