Tarantino And Theology

Cover for Tarantino And Theology
  • Year: 2015
  • Publisher: Sideshow Media Group

The celluloid tapestry that Quentin Tarantino has woven for over two decades has gradually morphed into a working universe with its own distinct style, characters, and rules. Amid the outrageous violence and extravagant visual flair, there are numerous allusions, references, nods, and winks to the Almighty—making it abundantly clear that some version of God is at the center of the Tarantino-verse.
How does Christian theology come into focus when examined through Tarantino's lens? What could Pulp Fiction suggest about divine intervention and free will? What, if any, ethical issues are involved in taking delight in super-violent exploitation movies? What do Kill Bill's Beatrix and the Old Testament's Jael have in common? Do Django Unchained and Inglourious Basterds hint at a longing for a savior?
In this powerful collection, thirteen thinkers from a variety of backgrounds and professional fields examine how Tarantino's ever-evolving conversation on God goes far beyond Ezekiel 25:17. In true Tarantino style, definitive conclusions are scarce but the dialogue sparkles.

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