Gabriel, Abortion, and Anti-Annunciation in The Prophecy, Constantine, and Legion

  • Author(s): Jeffrey M. Tripp
  • When: 2015-03
  • Where: Journal of Religion and Popular Culture
  • Although the angel Gabriel is viewed positively in three world religions, he has appeared as the villain in three Hollywood films over just a decade and a half: The Prophecy (1995), Constantine (2005), and Legion (2010). While these films draw on apocalyptic themes from the book of Daniel, they also play ironically on Gabriel’s other biblical appearance, the Annunciation of the virginal conception in Luke. All three films feature a Gabriel who attacks rather than protects women “impregnated” by a being of apocalyptic importance. The three movies can be shown to reflect various dimensions (and sides) of the contemporary American abortion debate, each casting Gabriel polemically in the image of misguided Christians (as they see it).

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