Matrix Film as a Guide to Postmodern Adventist Evangelism

  • Author(s): Samuel Hamed Neves
  • When: 2006-12
  • Where: Source
  • The Matrix franchise, created by Andy and Larry Wachowski, is not only widely accepted by the current postmodern Western society, but also hailed as the best postmodern production ever created. The worldview created by the Matrix franchise resembles the Great Controversy worldview, which is officially accepted by the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Currently, Adventism is experiencing great difficulty in evangelising the same postmodern Western society that freely absorbed the Matrix franchise. Within the Matrix worldview, a similar process of conversion to Adventism takes place. This involves freeing humans who are slaves to a simulation and oblivious to it. As this conversion takes place within a postmodern context, Adventist evangelism to the postmodern Western society could benefit from the method presented in the franchise. Therefore, this research attempts to evaluate the Matrix franchise as an analogical model of approach for discipling within Adventist evangelism.

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