Moses’ Representation as a Jew in Exodus Gods and Kings

  • Author(s): Rina Febianti
  • When: 2019-05
  • Where: State Islamic University Sunan Kalijaga
  • Talking about Jews, there are several definitions that are seen by biological lineage and social aspects, but Jews do not come only from these things. Jews can also be defined from its construction. The concept of Jews becomes an issue that is conveyed in Exodus Gods and Kings (2014) film. Through construction, the concept of Jews can be manipulated in order to get the desired figure of Jews. The researcher uses theory of Representation by Stuart Hall with Constructionist approach. In addition, the researcher uses Film theory as secondary theory or supporting theory. To collect the data, this research uses qualitative method to analyze the data contained in this film. By using this method, research aims to explain and to explore Moses' representation as a Jew through his dialogues and actions or through the appearance and the characterization of Moses in this film. This research finds the construction of Moses as a Jew through the changing and the constancy of Moses' representation. The changing side consists the construction of Moses as a Jew (knowing Jews), a non-believer, a violator, and a shepherd. Then, the constancy side consists the construction of Moses as a Jew through his identity (being Jews), a believer, a compassionate man, and a good leader of Hebrews.

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