Star Trek and theology

  • Author(s): Jolyon Mitchell
  • When: 1998-05
  • Where: The Month
  • In this article I will critically investigate how Star Trek might interact with theology. Star Trek may largely have kept clear of explicit religion but I will suggest that it remains a fertile field for theological exploration. I will offer five different approaches to understanding how Star Trek may contribute to the theological enterprise. One approach to viewing Star Trek is to interpret it as a threat to or even a perversion of traditional Christian beliefs and world view,. For example, Q, the character who first appeared in TNG. h as God-like powers: a click of his finger. and the Enterprise finds itself 7.000 light years beyond Federation space, facing for the first time the dangerous and powerful Borg ('Q Who', TNG). As a character he is fickle, arrogant and at times capricious.

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