Islamic Television Programs : Content and Format Revisited

  • Author(s): Osama Kanaker & Zulkiple A. Ghani
  • When: 2015-12
  • Where: Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia
  • This paper is based on a Ph.D. study of the content of Islamic television broadcasting. Even though there are attempts in the Muslim world to produce Islamic television programs, most of the programs do not comply with Islamic rules either because of some content that includes some scenes that are not Islamic or because of the format that is usually rudimentary and unattractive. This paper focuses on Islamic television programs. It identifies important characteristics of Islamic television content such as reality and objectivity, comprehensiveness, moderation and application of Islamic distinctive features. It also identifies four characteristics of Islamic television programs’ format; which are artistic production, delivering indirect messages, adapting the message to audience, and simplicity and frequency.

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