Musical Rebirth in Fearless and The Truman Show

  • Author(s): Erik Heine
  • When: 2014-04
  • Where: Journal of Religion & Film
  • Films have long made use of pre-existing music, most notably by well-known composers such as Bach, Mozart, Beethoven. Director Peter Weir makes use of pre-existing music in nearly all of his films. In his two films from the 1990s, Fearless and The Truman Show, Weir uses music from two living (at the time) and largely unfamiliar Polish composers, Henryk Górecki and Wojciech Kilar, to accompany the climax of each film, coinciding with the rebirth of the central characters. The films show a parallel narrative, each with minor instances of renewals, until the respective characters are reborn, accompanied by music that is stylistically absent in any other portion of the film.

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