Representation of the Apocalypse in Hollywood Cinema

  • Author(s): Abbas Assadi, Rahime Zeynali
  • When: 2015-03
  • Where: Journal of Applied Environmental and Biological Sciences
  • Cinema phenomenon in technological world and full of todays' possibilities has a wide range of audiences at groups and various cultural levels and different levels of media literacy. Cinema and image have emotional attraction for the audience and the audience turn to film to pass their spare time. Undoubtedly, owners of these media have goals in construction and designing movies and nothing is accidental in a movie in hence, Hollywood is the strongest set of movie making throughout the world with the unique and unmatched success. This collection, by technical advanced tools and very sophisticated technology of media and advertising, deals with the production and wide distribution of media textures in movies framework and one of the issues addressed in recent years of this collection has been making films about the apocalypse and savior oriented. In this regard, the purpose is to check apocalyptic themes within two theories of AgendaSetting and representation.

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