African Traditional Religion and Representation: An Examination of Selected Yoruba Movies

  • Author(s): Olatunde Oyewole Ogunbiyi
  • When: 2016-05
  • Where: Theory, Knowledge, Development and Politics. What Role for the Academy in the Sustainability of Africa?
  • This chapter takes off from the spectrum of the symbiotic relationship that subsists between religion and movies in Nigeria. Most of Nollywood (the Nigerian Movie Industry) productions have one religious theme or the other which are often implicit or explicit in the movies. Interestingly, the technologies of production have continued to improve over the years and the avenues of access have not only increased but also cheaper. Nowadays, movies cannot only be downloaded from the intemet, but can also be watched even on phones and other platforms. This opportunity has given various religions, especially African religion the chance to reach thousands of subscribers. This chapter argues that African religion of the Yoruba extraction is utilizing these variegated dynamics of technology Co propagate her doctrines and practices. The resultant effect is that many people come to the knowledge of their religious dogma. Chapter concludes that the ambience of an increasing visual technology, religious representations find expression in the power of visuality.

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