The 27 articles added to in September 2019

Here is the list of the 32 article that I posted on this site, in September 2019.

  1. African Traditional Religion and Representation: An Examination of Selected Yoruba Movies by Olatunde Oyewole Ogunbiyi (2016-05)
  2. Alienation of Moslem Identity in Tariq Mahdi’s Character as Seen in Mooz-lum Film by Roikhatul Jannah (2019-07)
  3. The American Catholic Church Censors the Movies by William Doherty Ph.D (2019-06)
  4. Bearing Witness: The Sight of a Sacrifice in Cristian Mungiu’s Beyond the Hills by Megan Girdwood (2016-10)
  5. Being Active Consumers: Indonesian Muslim Youth Engaging with Korean Television Dramas by Imron Rosidi (2016-06)
  6. Between Documentary and Fiction: The Films of Kore-Eda Hirokazu by Marc Yamada (2016-10)
  7. Bhakti Bells and Bollywood: Positioning Kathak Dance as a Religious Ritual in Urban India by Hannah R. Stoltenberg (2019-05)
  8. The Catholic Scorsese – or How a Seminarian Turned to the Movies by Marc Raymond (2019-09)
  9. Commercial Television in Indonesia: The Sindhi Element by Maria Myutel (2019-07)
  10. Creationism in the United States: VII. The Lingering Impact of “Inherit the Wind” by Randy Moore (1999-04)
  11. The Crimes of Love. The (Un)Censored Version of the Flood Story in Noah (2014) by Wojciech Kosior (2016-10)
  12. Everybody Talkin’ ‘Bout Heaven: Dogma, The Sixth Sense, End of Days, and Establishments of Religion by Bernard Beck (2000-06)
  13. Ideological Blindspot in the Academic Study of Religion and Film by Tenzan Eaghll (2019-07)
  14. Indigenous Helpers and Renegade Invaders: Ambivalent Characters in Biblical and Cinematic Conquest Narratives by L. Daniel Hawk (2016-10)
  15. Jinn exorcisms on YouTube by Christian Suhr (2019-07)
  16. Metals and Movens of Colored Television: The Spirit is a Bone: A Response to Marla F. Frederick’s Colored Television: American Religion Gone Global by Nimi Wariboko (2019-07)
  17. Moses’ Representation as a Jew in Exodus Gods and Kings by Rina Febianti (2019-05)
  18. No Way Out: Martin Scorsese and the Ecclesial Imagination by Guerric DeBona (2019-09)
  19. Not Alone: “Ironic Faith,” The Comic Worldview, and Process Theology in Monty Python’s Life of Brian by Kathleen J. Cassity (2016-10)
  20. Nothing is sacred: Privation and piety in’Simon of the desert’ by Cesar Albarran-Torres (2019-06)
  21. Reality Television through the Lens of Catholic Social Teaching and Quintilian by Elessa Young (2016-06)
  22. Religion on Air: The Birth and Transformation of Religious Broadcasting in Turkey by Burak Özçetin (2019-09)
  23. Review essay: religion goes to the movies by Peter W. Williams (2000-08)
  24. Salvation in Film: The Apostle, Tender Mercies, Amistad, and Sergeant York by Daniel Nipper (2000-06)
  25. Santería and Resistance in Tomás Gutierrez Alea and Juan Carlos Tabío’s Strawberry and Chocolate and in Fernando Pérez’s Life is to Whistle by David S. Dalton (2016-10)
  26. Searching Borders of Art, Soul and Spirit: In Direction of the Film Something Borrowed, Something Blue by Barbara Ann MacLaren, (2019-03)
  27. The Self Without Interest: The Return of Sacrifice in The Leftovers by Peter Paik (2019-07)
  28. Six Ways of Looking at Anomalisa by David L. Smith (2016-10)
  29. The Tyranny of Masculine Creation and the Potency of a Replicant Adam and Eve Mythology: Postsecular Critique of Materialism in the Blade Runner Films by David S. Hogsette, Ph.D. (2019-06)
  30. Transgressing Goodness in Breaking the Waves by Irena S. M. Makarushka (1998-04)
  31. The Visuality of the Holocaust Today by Gabriel Mayer (2019-08)
  32. ” You don’t have to be filmish”: the Toronto Jewish Film Festival by Mike J. Koven (1999-10)

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