Terry Gilliam Riffs on Religion

The Zero TheoremQ: In the film [The Zero Theorem], the protagonist lives in this dilapidated church, making religion this backdrop that overshadows things to a degree. What were some of your intentions regarding the role religion plays in the modern state?
A: In this particular instance, I was just treating it as something that’s burnt out and doesn’t apply to most people anymore. In reality it does. Half of America seems to be very right wing Christian. Any form of fundamentalism makes me crazy, but American fundamentalism isn’t that much different from Islamic fundamentalism, it just uses bigger tools to kill, so it appears more civilized. But no, the church is about faith and the role of the Church did give meaning to people’s lives. It defined life for them and that’s what’s nice about religion; it’s very comforting. “Follow these rules and you’ll go to heaven,” is basically being fulfilled. And I think in the modern world especially, in a technological worshipping world like we live in, we keep thinking our iPhones are the answer, rather than religion.

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