Summer Silliness: Sharknado 2 & Black Jesus

I like Black Jesus because it suggests a Jesus that has human habits, tastes, and even foibles, and is still a loving and even admirable figure. This is a necessary corrective. I firmly believe most Christians, especially conservatives and evangelicals, are Docetists – that is, they don’t really believe Jesus was human. Not in any meaningful way. Everything he did was somehow perfect and according to plan, because he was the Son of God.

Black Jesus is also a little bit reminiscent of Black Liberation Theology movements in the 60’s and 70’s that imagined Jesus as a black man – and God as a black God – because Jesus must fundamentally identify with the most oppressed in society. As Dr. James Cone wrote, “The blackness of God means that God has made the oppressed condition God’s own condition.”

Read Richard Lindsay’s full article at Patheos’ Pop Theology

Black Jesus Trailer

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