Filmwell this week: 1 book, 1 TV show, 2 movies, 1 giveaway

Ken Morefield’s 1More Film blog at Patheos this week covered 1 book, 1 TV show, 2 movies and offered 1 giveaway:

Book: Erich Rohmer’s Six Moral Tales

“Why film a story when one can write it? Why write it when one is going to film it?”
That’s the beginning of Erich Rohmer’s introduction to his Six Moral Tales–the slim book that contains the stories he made as films which cemented his reputation as a master of world cinema. Read full postPoster for Wet Behind the Ears (2013)

TV show: Masters of Sex Episode 2.1 Recap: Kyrie Eleison

Showing how repression, fear, and ignorance ruin lives is not that hard, as the hysterectomy patient shows. What is harder is to acknowledge that while knowledge/science is morally neutral, its application is not. Do we know more about sex than we did before the Masters and Johnson studies? Yes, of course. Are we sexually healthier, as a society, than we were then? Read full post

Film: Wet Behind the Ears (Copeland, 2013)

 Like its protagonist, Wet Behind the Ears  is unpolished but still willing to work for our approval. The characters do acknowledge how difficult it is to be (young and) unemployed, but the film doesn’t wrap those acknowledgements in a most-put-upon-generation entitlement blanket. Read full post

Film: Vera Drake (Leigh, 2004) — 10 Years Later

One thing hasn’t changed in ten years: abortion is still a polarizing and politically charged subject. One wishes that one could review films on such subjects without one’s own views being called into question, though my experience reviewing Lake of Fire makes me realize such hopes are naive.  Read full post

Giveaway: The Purge: Anarchy Prize Pack Giveaway

Leave a comment saying what you would do to try to survive Purge Night if you were a character in the movie. If your strategy includes one of the items from your survival kit, I’ll count your entry twice! I’ll pick a winner at random from the entrants on August 1. Enter the giveaway



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