Faith and Film

  • Professor(s): Dr. Elizabeth Tillar
  • When: 2002
  • Where: St. Anselm College / TH-45
  • Source
  • Faith and Film (Th45) is a course that explores theological themes, symbols, motifs, and images through screenings of American and foreign films. Cinematic techniques are incorporated into the design of the course as they pertain to the theological and existential purposes of the director. Students are required to analyze the films viewed in class, give oral presentations, and compose papers and annotated bibliographies on selected films. 2 Students are also required to view several films outside of class. Among the films selected for the course are the following: The Piano, Life Is Beautiful, A Midnight Clear, Babette’s Feast, Contact, La Strada, Awakenings, Dead Poets’ Society, The Apostle or Sling Blade, Cinema Paradiso, The Sacrifice, etc

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