Religion, Film and Media

  • Professor(s): Dr. Mira Z. Amiras
  • When: 2008
  • Where: San Jose State University / RELS 134
  • Source
  • This class focuses on the depiction of religion, religions, religious behavior, and religious propaganda in film and media. We will explore these from a variety of points of view (e.g. emic and etic, cross-national, aesthetic) and examine the murky problem of ‘the truth’ in the depiction of religious and spiritual experience. Students will have the opportunity to examine on their own a particular genre, religious tradition, and or concern (such as, religious conflict) as it is defined and depicted in film and media. We will examine the relationship between religion, film and media both historically and in the current and shifting social and political climate. We will not be ‘just watching movies’ or considering text, TV, the internet and mixed media but rather, finding multiple meanings, messages and interpretations implicit in both form and content. In essence, the course addresses the ‘so what?’ of fact, fiction and film. In addition to films shown in class, students will be expected to watch films on their own in preparation for class lecture and discussion. Expect to delve into some of the ‘hot’ topics of the day as they are embroidered and spun

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