Has Hollywood finally found god?

  • Author(s): Tim Stanley
  • When: 2016-04
  • Where: Daily Telegraph
  • For years, it was assumed that God was box-office poison, that the Lord was responsible for more Hollywood flops than Johnny Depp. But in the past two years things have changed. Low-budget movies that deal positively with faith - often made by Christians for Christians - have scored big. God's Not Dead, in which a student schools an atheist lecturer on Jesus, made $63 million (£44 million) in 2014. Heaven Is for Real, about a near-death experience, made $101 million that same year. And when the sequel to God's Not Dead hit US screens earlier this month (before its UK release this week), it immediately recouped $15 million on a tiny $5 million investment. Indeed, the success of contemporary Christian movies might be down to their very cheapness. They are made and watched in rebellion against "Hollywood values".

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