Sociolinguistic Analysis of Religious Values in Figurative Language Used in The Message Movie

  • Author(s): Sara Mostafa Shokshok
  • When: 2018-07
  • Where: Maulana Malik Ibrahim State Islamic University
  • One of the languages that has a miracle on its use and has a uniqueness beauty while producing it, which is the language used in al Quran and some related works. Such as, movies or a TV show who are fully religious and describing something related to GOD (Allah) or one of the prophets. Thus figurative language uses in literary writing, should touch feelings, emotions based on image of things seen, and actions experienced. The usage of figurative language in The Message movie is very interesting to be researched, and of course the researcher does not mean to decrees or increase the content of this respectful movie, the researcher just want to describe and investigate the kinds of figurative language in a religious aspect used at the movie. The Message movie shows the true meaning of Islam, its roots, and its basic beliefs. This film is about how Islam that begins from the beginning until its establishment, the film is not about offence but about defense and ends with peaceful armed less walk into the city of Mecca after many years of suffering. This film explains how the Prophet Mohammad starts his message with a few men and eventually gaining thousands and today millions. The film talks about the establishment the spread of Gods message and the story of the men who have to give away their lives for the sake of God. This is a qualitative descriptive research. The topic is discussed through The Message movie. The source of data is the script’s scenario of the movie. The data is gathered trough watching the movie several times, reading the script and note taking, a participatory observation and a study of documentation. All data then analyzed using the descriptive analysis applying classify, explain and evaluate. The study shows that: (1) the figurative language used to express religious values are really found in the Message movie. There are twelve kinds of figurative language used to express religious values in The Message movie. There are some types of figurative language used to express religious values are really found in the movie, such as; Irony, Simile, Personification, Paradox, Hyperbole, Oxymoron, Metaphor, Repetitive, Metonymy, Antithesis, Onomatopoeia, Symbol. (2) There are several religious values appeared with different use of figurative language in The Message movie. People may use different dialects of a language in different contexts, the researcher sum up the values appeared in the studied movie which are; Allah is the Creator of Universe, The obligatory of Learning, Islam is the perfect religion. We should give our respect to our parents and the virtue of dhikr. (3) It is possible for using The Message movie as a teaching material in English for Islamic Studies, because it really contain religious values of Islam which is being material in English for Islamic Studies. And as a sociolinguistics additional source in which it shows the different use of the language that can deliver the same meaning or in other words the same concept.

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