Reflections on the Problem of the Religion and Religiosity in Television Seriality, Starting from American Horror Story – Cult, The Leftovers and American Gods

  • Author(s): Antonio Lucci
  • When: 2019-10
  • Where: Seriality Across Narrations, Languages and Mass Consumption
  • The goal of this paper is firstly to identify various 'structures', that is recurring narratives and patterns, of the representation of religion and religiosity in contemporary television seriality. Then, through the examination of three case studies, I will proceed to exemplify which forms of religiosity are, in my opinion, among the most represented (and representative) at present.
    At a macroscopic level, I believe it is possible to identify five different in thematic groups of religion and religiosity in television seriality. The first, represented by the production such as Homeland (FOX, USA 2011-present), Fauda (Yes Oh, lsrael 2015-present), and in certain specific moments in television series like House of Cards (Nefilix, USA 2013- present, e.g. Season 4, Episode 13), deals with the 'problem' of religion in its (geo)political-fundamentalist sense as related to current events and through the use of plausible narration. In these case, the theme is usually represented by Islamic fundamentalism either in as terrorist variant (Homeland, House of Cards) or through the complex social, political, ethical m military consequences that have caused political-religious conflicts such as the Israeli-Palestinian one (Fauda).

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