What the Wine? #13: Red from “Star Trek: Picard” S02E01

What red wine are they making in “”Star Trek: Picard” S02E01?

Update March 15: The wine is real, see at the end.

Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) checking out his wine in Star Trek: Picard

Cases of the Chateux Picard WinePrinting the label on a bottle of Picard wineWine and winemaking play a central part in the first episode of the second season of “Star Trek: Picard”. Jean-Luc Picard, the retired ex-captain, played by Patrick Stewart lives on his family estate, Chateau Picard, devotes his time and finds pleasure in making his own wine. As you can see on the classic wooden case it is a “Grand Vin de Bordeaux and is a product of France. The scene is a bit confusing because on one hand it is harvest time and on the other hand e are sowing the barrels and bottles and cases of finished wines. They don’t happen all at the same time but we don’t know how the winemaking process will have changed by 2401. This is the vintage that is being produced here and based on the smiles of the people it promises to be a good one.  I grabbed one more screenshot from the pleasant autumn scene where the label is getting 3d-printed straight on the bottle.

Where is it from? Star Trek: Picard is a TV series set in Gene Roddenberry’s Star Trek universe. It is a follow-up series of the “Star Trek: The Next Generation ” series that ran in the 1980s and 90’s.

*This post is part of a series where I share the wines that are consumed in movies and TV series as I notice them.

Update: Star Trek Wines not just produced the wine mentioned above (buy it here) but provided tasting and winemaker’s note too:

Tasting Note:
Toasty American Oak integrates with blueberries, dark plum and blackberries. Bold, sweet tannins hold up a velvety mouthfeel, leading to a juicy finish with dark cherries, violets and baking spice.

Winemaker’s Note:
The true back story of Chateau Picard wine is that for several generations in Bordeaux France, the original Chateau Picard winery has been producing world-class highly regarded and sought after Cru Bourgeois Bordeaux. Working with Chateau Picard’s winemakers in France, Star Trek Wines crafted this limited-edition release featuring the Jean-Luc Picard family label shown in the new series Star Trek: Picard with the wine from the multi-generational vineyard in Bordeaux.

The 2017 Chateau Picard Cru Bourgeois Bordeaux is from an estate in the heart of the world-renowned Saint-Estèphe region in France. It is an 85% Cabernet Sauvignon and 15% Merlot blend that is subtly smoky and spicy with a bright, fresh, clean-tasting style. The wine spends 14 months in oak, 70% seasoned and 30% new.


Starfleet must once again call on legendary Jean-Luc Picard after members of his former crew - Cristóbal Rios, Seven of Nine, Raffi Musiker, and Dr. Agnes Jurati - discover an anomaly in space that threatens the galaxy.

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