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Fight Church review: documentary about religion and MMA

“Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.” – Luke 23:34 This seems to be the underlying message in “Fight Church,” the documentary film tying mixed martial arts (MMA) together with Christianity. The film made its international premiere this past weekend at Montreal’s Fantasia Film Festival 2014, with co-director Bryan Storkel… Read more »

Jesus Camp (2006): incessant madness and irrationality

All of this incessant madness and irrationality is interrupted sporadically by Mike Papantino, the Christian co-host of radio programme Ring of Fire. The camera captures Papantino in his studio as he articulately despairs of these people, highlighting the alarming scale of the Evangelical movement and how this affects the democracy of the United States. Although… Read more »

Filmwell last 10 days: Rectify/Aquinas, Day of Wrath, The Strange Little Cat, Grigris

Filmwell, an excellent film commentary site had four posts the last ten days The wrote about an episode of the TV series Rectify titled Mazel Tov: Rectify marks the first time I have seen a TV show reference Thomas Aquinas. In a moment of reconciliation between Tawny and Teddy, Teddy picks up the book on Tawny’s… Read more »

Filmwell: Nothing Bad Can Happen

Katrin Gebbe’s first feature, Nothing Bad Can Happen, quite impressively made it all the way to Cannes in 2013. It is a hard enough film to watch that it met with mixed reception. From reviews I have scanned (so, consider this unscientific), most are repelled by the film because it does all kinds of awful… Read more »

1morefilmblog: Cannibal

Cannibal (★) is a love story–at least it purports to be–between a mild-mannered tailor and the woman he can’t quite bring himself to murder. Before it comes to its inevitable (and overdue) conclusion, he kills his love interest’s sister, negotiates with the local church to sew a particularly valuable piece of fabric for a forthcoming… Read more »

The Theology of ‘Jurassic Park’

Viewing Spielberg’s 1993 sci-fi classic through the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s lens… The characters in Jurassic Park probably wouldn’t find much common ground with the Rebbe’s science, but the film and Chabad nonetheless share a number of preoccupations: messianic figures, the revival of the dead, and the creation of heaven on earth…. Read full article at Tablet… Read more »

Atonement in Les Miserables

Richard Lindsay ponders on the different theologies of atonement in his entry at Pop Theology on  Les Mis and the Doctrine of Atonement. His conclusion: …the theology of Resurrection fits Jean Valjean’s experience as well. After a few days in the rectory after the bishop’s merciful act, Valjean frees himself from his own guilt by… Read more »

Camp and queer elements of Hollywood biblical films

Richard Lindsay, whose Ph.D. dissertation was about “The Camp and the Kerygma: Queer Readings of Hollywood Biblical Epics” wrote an essay “to an event surrounding an exhibit of Father Michael Morris’ biblical film poster collection. The exhibit, called Epic! 100 Years of Film and the Bible, was showing at the Jewish Museum of Australia in Melbourne.” The… Read more »