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Boyhood – Gender (and Religion?)

From Cinema through Sociology & Anthropology This is evident in films that try, or pretend, to portray religious characters, who embrace morality as service to others or, at least, as loving others. They risk becoming emasculated. Thus, love is not the main thing they do or is portrayed very differently, as protection for instance. Real men shoot, they… Read more »

Religion and Greek cinema

Given the popularity of religion in Greece, it is strange that very few religious films were produced over the last one hundred years and few discussions around them were ever attempted. We would suggest that religious films are the films whose architectural design presupposes post-historical grand narratives in order to visualise events, from the perspective… Read more »

Vernon, Florida: The Stories We Tell

[…] the film has a secondary theme that I detected through its focus on the importance of religion for this small community. Indeed, we get to hear a sermon in the middle of the film about the significance of the word “therefore” in the Bible. We might extrapolate from this that the film is partially… Read more »

US associate professor challenged for ‘promoting religious beliefs’

Lecturing for a week about how “evolution could not have happened”. Offering extra credit for students to watch the film God’s Not Dead. Showing religious bias in exam questions. Student reviews saying he’ll try to “convert you”. Those charges, among others, make up a complaint filed recently by two First Amendment watchdog groups against T…. Read more »

Why Every Christian Should Watch ‘Calvary’ … and Avoid ‘God’s Not Dead’

Heaven is For Real and God’s Not Dead are not Christian movies. They are not even religious movies. They are schmaltzy, vacuous, “inspirational” movies. […Calvary] is a dark, dark comedy. I found myself laughing and cringing, angered and saddened, hopeful and despairing. But never, ever lost. Calvary is an incredibly profound and hopeful portrait of… Read more »

Recent entries from 1MoreFilmBlog: James Vance vs. Judas Priest, The Maid’s Room, Boyhood, Levitated Mass, Get on Up

Kenneth R. Morefield  is a busy blogger at Patheos’ 1MoreFilmBog. Here are some of his recent entries: Dream Deceivers: The Story Behind James Vance vs. Judas Priest (Taylor, 1992) …Dream Deceivers stops short of insisting on an explicit connection between Mrs. Vance’s religion and her willingness to blame heavy metal music for her family’s dysfunction…. Read more »