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30 recent articles from the Journal of Religion & Film

I just added the abstract of 30 recent  articles from  the Journal of Religion & Film to the site. From issues Volume 18, Issue 1 (2014), Volume 17, Issue 2 (2013), Volume 16, Issue 1 (2012) and Volume 15, Issue 2 (2011). – Closing the Loop: “The Promise and Threat of the Sacred” in Rian Johnson’s Looper by Brian… Read more »

Guardians of the Galaxy: Distributed Christ

I was expecting Guardians of the Galaxy to be a fun and funny summer action sci-fi flick and I wasn’t disappointed. I was more surprised to find a distributed model of Christ figure in it. The five main characters, who form a team, each represent one or more aspects of the Christian savior. I will explain… Read more »

Cross and Snake in True Blood

In the sixth episode of the current season of True Blood, titled Karma, there was a powerful scene with strong iconography: on a white cross, an African-American woman with snake around her neck was practicing glossolalia, speaking in tongues in a vision to her mother from a version of the afterlife. Here is a bit of a… Read more »

Kidron: The shared wonder of film

As part of TED’s series in 2012 on “The power of film” Beeban Kidron (director of the second Bridget Jones movie) gave a speech titled “The shared wonder of film”  She started off: “[…]where, in our increasingly secular and fragmented world, do we offer communality of experience, unmediated by our own furious consumerism? And what narrative,… Read more »

Buddhism and Film (Special Issue of Contemporary Buddhism)

The latest issue of Contemporary Buddhism: An Interdisciplinary Journal (Volume 15, Issue 1, 2014) was a Special Issue focusing on Buddhism and Film. I just added its articles to this site Pema Tseden’s Transnational Cinema: Screening a Buddhist Landscape of Tibet by Dan Smyer Yu Space Buddhism: The Adoption of Buddhist Motifs in Star Wars by… Read more »

Filmwell this week: 1 book, 1 TV show, 2 movies, 1 giveaway

Ken Morefield’s 1More Film blog at Patheos this week covered 1 book, 1 TV show, 2 movies and offered 1 giveaway: Book: Erich Rohmer’s Six Moral Tales “Why film a story when one can write it? Why write it when one is going to film it?” That’s the beginning of Erich Rohmer’s introduction to his Six Moral… Read more »

New cover photo

Check out the new cover photo for this site’s social media channels created from the covers of recent books on religion and film. Click the image below to view the full size and check our channels: Facebook, Twitter, Google+.  

Televised Prayer: Rev.

People don’t pray on television. Let me rephrase that: when people pray on television, they pray badly. They ask God for stuff, and then they get it. Television prayer is usually depicted as a quid pro quo. That’s why it was surprising, in one of the final episodes of the BBC series Rev., to see… Read more »