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Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet (2015)

Based on my understanding from reading about Kahlil Gibran, the author of the 1923 book The Prophet, the film’s depiction of Mustafa is consistent with Gibran’s drawing from his Catholic upbringing as well as Islamic and Jewish traditions in an effort to reflect the human condition in a sort of ecumenical mysticism. Gibran’s book is… Read more »

Selling Religion, a comedy pilot

When an unemployed marketing wiz and her equally desperate ad man realize a prophet could equal profit, they set about using their skills to build the perfectly marketable religion with themselves at the top of the food chain. Think “Better Off Ted” or “Arrested Development” as they begin to lay the groundwork for the big… Read more »

Short film on Jain ritual starvation hogs limelight at Kolkata festival

A documentary on the Jain practice of santhara, where a person takes a vow of abstinence and starves to death, has won a Special Jury award at the recently concluded Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival 2015. The 25-minute film has been written, directed and edited by Mumbai-based journalist-filmmaker Shekhar Hattangadi. The film, ‘Santhara’, focuses on… Read more »

The Churchmen — Season 1, Episode 1 Recap

The series chronicles five candidates as they arrive at Paris’s Capuchin Seminary. Despite being a tad overcrowded and a bit formulaic, the opening episode shows promise. The pilot episode has to introduce each of the five students and try to distinguish them in an hour’s time. It’s no surprise under such circumstances that we get… Read more »

The Netflix-ization of the Church

In thinking about the future of the church, it might be helpful to draw a loose correlation between church attendance and media (film and television) consumption. There’s a segment of church-goers that might be defined as blockbuster attendees that only darken the doors on Easter and Christmas. A large segment of theater-goers only buy tickets… Read more »

5 Bollywood actresses who changed their religion

Did you know there are plenty of Bollywood actresses who left their religion and adopted other faiths. Even the most notable of Bollywood actresses have left their religion, mostly for love and marriages. Here are five Indian actresses who changed their religion:- 1. Nargis Dutt 2. Amrita Singh 3. Sharmila Tagore 4. Nagma 5. Ayesha… Read more »