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Pava Mannippu (1961)

A story about religious tolerance, the film attempted to bring home the point that religion was created by man to divide people and that one must not give too much importance to it. IMDB: Three children adopted from their by birth homes and raised by foster parents grow up in Muslim, Christian and Hindu households. But… Read more »

Hand of God: Ron Perlman wrestles with morality and religion in Amazon’s new drama

The guy who played Hellboy, going through hell. That could be the one-line pitch for Hand of God, Amazon’s latest self-funded foray into original drama. After last year’s bleak pilot, the full 10-episode first season is available to righteously binge on from today. It stars deeply furrowed character actor Ron Perlman as a notorious hanging… Read more »

Religion Today Film Festival: Official Selection

We are delighted to announce our Official Selections for the 18th Religion Today Film Festival (9-19 October 2015). The Festival will include 55 films from 27 countries all over the world, selected from more than 250 which were submitted to the competition. Here follows the list according to category. Feature Films ARABANI, Adi Adwan, Israel,… Read more »

Spotlight: New film puts spotlight on Boston’s pedophile priests

“Spotlight,” starring Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo as reporters working on The Boston Globe’s Pulitzer Prize-winning investigation of pedophile Roman Catholic priests, deals with just a fraction of sexual predation in the church, its director says. Reports of sexual misconduct by the late British entertainer Jimmy Savile and other high profile cases are an indication… Read more »

In New Films From Israel and Sri Lanka, Faith Struggles in the Shadows

Two films in particular from the International Competition, “Dark in the White Light” (Vimukthi Jayasundra) and “Tikkun” (Avishai Sivan) deal with the most pressing question for the faithful: life after death. The most profound rite of passage, death, is treated differently by different religions (Buddhism and Judaism), yet similarly in relation to God: the believer… Read more »

Chaplains: New documentary on chaplains to air on PBS

Hospitals, prisons, battlegrounds — these are the dramatic life-or-death settings where you would expect to find chaplains guiding the wayward and administering last rites. But director Martin Doblmeier’s new documentary, “Chaplains,” shows that chaplains from various faith traditions also offer pastoral care in little-known locations: Tyson Foods processing plants, NASCAR race tracks, the U.S. Congress… Read more »

Working Together: Arabs who love Israel?

This film producer wants the world to hear their stories Issues pertaining to the Arab-Israeli conflict make headlines around the world on an almost daily basis, but American film producer Max Federman feels that there is a sore lack of positive stories about Israeli society in the media. He set about to change this, with… Read more »

Why Evangelical Films Fail ( Peter J. Leithart )

Theologically speaking, character development is “sanctification.” A conversionist form of Christianity places less emphasis on sanctification than on conversion and justification. In films, that translates into drastic oversimplification of human psychology. For Evangelicals, there are only two sets of motivations, as there are two kinds of people: Saved and unsaved. While that is ultimately true,… Read more »