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Religion and Film podcast with S. Brent Plate

From the The Religious Studies Project This week’s podcast features Chris speaking with S. Brent Plate at the recent XXI World Congress of the IAHR in Erfurt. The interview begins with Plate’s personal research journey into this relatively young field, charting the history of the field in the process. Discussion then turns to the key… Read more »

Human | Religion | Faith

Humanity dictates how a person defines his life regardless of where he is born and what religion he follows. An interview crew reaches an orphanage to take an interview of the founder. Soon they notice a boy who is sitting all alone, they try to talk to him but he doesn’t respond. Soon they follow… Read more »

My Life, My Religion: Hinduism

What does it mean to be a Hindu? 14-year-old Simran explains all about her religion, Hinduism, in this Learning Zone programme for primary school children. Simran loves music and photography, and spending time with her younger brother Vraj. Simran and Vraj tell us all about the festival of Raksha Bandhan that celebrates the love between… Read more »

Judge The Individual Not The Religion

Is religion the only parameter to categorize human being? A noir drama with social message. Judge The Individual Not The Religion Cast & Crew: Director: Yogesh chiplunkar Music / Sound: Pritam Kale Editor: Nizamuddin Tolan Cinematographer: Yogesh chiplunkar Actors: Tahir Bhasin, Soham Jadhav, Shantanu Jadhav, Suvarna Jadhav

Adrenaline (Simpkins, 2015)

If you are not already predisposed to like Christian movies, nothing here will change your mind. That said, every class of films, even in genres you don’t like, have better or worse examples. In terms of writing, acting, and production values, Adrenaline is closer to a television movie than a feature-film, but–and this is meant… Read more »

Richard Gere: Buddhism calms me

Richard Gere uses Buddhism to “dominate” the anger that used to plague him. The 66-year-old star became interested in the religion when he began asking big questions about the universe and science as a young man. His 15-year-old son Homer is currently considering the same things, and Richard wonders if he might embrace spirituality too…. Read more »