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New faith-based films tone down religion, amp up star power

For some filmgoers, hearing a movie described as “faith-based” makes it a must-see. But just as many others find the term a turn-off. To reach audiences beyond the Christian churchgoers that generally propel the genre, some producers of faith-based films are ramping up the star power and tamping down the evangelical messages. The latest example… Read more »

The Seer: A Portrait of Wendell Berry

Director Laura Dunn divides The Seer: A Portrait of Wendell Berry into chapters–themes really–around Berry’s life and work. And because it’s not just a chronology of his life, it’s even more engaging. The film considers Berry in all of his roles (explicitly and implicitly) as father, farmer, writer/poet, and prophet. In doing so, it reveals… Read more »

First look at Jack Huston in the new Ben-Hur

It’s one thing to have the concept for another cinematic take on Lew Wallace’s novel Ben-Hur. It’s quite another to see Jack Huston filling a role once made famous (and famously Oscar-winning) by Charlton Heston. But the first images from the new movie have arrived. Directed by Timur Bekmambetov, this latest Ben-Hur pledges to skirt… Read more »

Second Annual Milwaukee Muslim Film Festival

The 2nd annual Milwaukee Muslim Film Festival will show its first movie keeping with a goal of trying to dispel ‘islamophobia’. The festival will be showing five films during the next few weeks. For a full listing including showtimes click here. Coordinators with the Milwaukee Muslim Women’s Coalition are viewing the festival as not only… Read more »

Televangelists Threaten Controversial New Film ‘Canaan Land’ That Exposes Charismatic Movement’s ‘Frauds’

‘Canaan Land,’ a feature dramatic film telling a contemporary story of an Elmer Gantryish evangelist, is in preproduction. Written and directed by former healing evangelist Richard Rossi, the film contrasts fake healers with the true article, resulting in backlash from televangelists. Rossi plays a con man preacher who falls in love with a female evangelist,… Read more »

Jared Leto-Produced Cult Documentary ‘Holy Hell’ Gets May Release

FilmRise has acquired U.S. distribution rights to Will Allen’s cult documentary “Holy Hell,” which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. The distributor will release the film theatrically on May 20. The documentary provides an inside look at a secretive spiritual cult known as the Buddha Field, formed during the ’80s in West Hollywood. Allen joined… Read more »