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Filmwell: Pasolini and St. Paul

It has always been clear from Pasolini’s The Gospel According to St. Matthew that he got New Testament theology in a pretty profound, even prescient way. It took a while for Historical Jesus studies interfacing with Jesus cinema to catch up with articulating the vibe Pasolini achieves in that film. Read the full article with… Read more »

Filmwell: Nothing Bad Can Happen

Katrin Gebbe’s first feature, Nothing Bad Can Happen, quite impressively made it all the way to Cannes in 2013. It is a hard enough film to watch that it met with mixed reception. From reviews I have scanned (so, consider this unscientific), most are repelled by the film because it does all kinds of awful… Read more »

1morefilmblog: Cannibal

Cannibal (★) is a love story–at least it purports to be–between a mild-mannered tailor and the woman he can’t quite bring himself to murder. Before it comes to its inevitable (and overdue) conclusion, he kills his love interest’s sister, negotiates with the local church to sew a particularly valuable piece of fabric for a forthcoming… Read more »

The Theology of ‘Jurassic Park’

Viewing Spielberg’s 1993 sci-fi classic through the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s lens… The characters in Jurassic Park probably wouldn’t find much common ground with the Rebbe’s science, but the film and Chabad nonetheless share a number of preoccupations: messianic figures, the revival of the dead, and the creation of heaven on earth…. Read full article at Tablet… Read more »

Filmwell: Rectify as “Christian Art”

…Season 1 of Rectify played on Sundance last year, and a new season has recently begun.  If this season is anything like the last, Seitz’ suggestion that the show is “truly Christian art“ will only become clearer. Season 1 casts Daniel as an exile, his return fraught with the anxieties of Jacob returning to the anger of his brother Esau… Read more »

Google’s “Reunion” commercial – conspicuous consumption

Here is an analytically perspective on a video that went viral last week Google’s “Reunion” commercial invites us to shed these doubts and bask in the joy of Google’s benevolent interfaith sway. The video concludes with the two men, worn with age, embracing with the timeless recognition that they thought would never come. A miracle…. Read more »

Films at the MU Center on Religion & the Professions

The Center on Religion & the Professions at the University of Missouri has over 350 films to lend for free related to religion. Their full catalaog is updated and available here. Too give you a taste of what kind of films they carry, here are the movies starting with A: Abel’s Field The Abolitionists Abraham Access Denied: Navigating… Read more »

Imaging the Ineffable: Representation and Reality in Religion and Film

There was an interesting conference in March, organized by Mahindra Humanities Center at Harvard University: Imaging the Ineffable: Representation and Reality in Religion and Film  The invitation reads: The paradox of showing what cannot be shown is a perennial issue in the fields of both Religion and Film Studies. In one of the most celebrated passages… Read more »

Atonement in Les Miserables

Richard Lindsay ponders on the different theologies of atonement in his entry at Pop Theology on  Les Mis and the Doctrine of Atonement. His conclusion: …the theology of Resurrection fits Jean Valjean’s experience as well. After a few days in the rectory after the bishop’s merciful act, Valjean frees himself from his own guilt by… Read more »