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The Angel Ultimatum by Alexander Mann

The Angel Ultimatum is a self-published book by Alexander Mann that according to this press release is getting turned into a movie. Here is the description from IMDB Created by God, the Angels have suffered through a war that has divided them, without explanation, and now look upon a mortal creation, full of flaws and suffering. Then,… Read more »

Family and religion (drama from the 1940’s)

The Huntley Film Archives posted a 22 minute drama from the 1940’s on YouTube, see below. The post also includes a detailed synopsis of the film. Whay fo you think its titled “film and Religion”? I couldn’t figure it out.

Deliver Us from Evil (2014, USA)

The face of law enforcement in writer-director Scott Derrickson’s latest horror is a horribly self-righteous tough guy who finds religion and lays down his own kind of violent justice. Derrickson’s fourth feature is loosely based on the memoir of ex NYPD cop turned demonologist Ralph Sarchie, who acts as the hero of this piece….The strong… Read more »

Film Warns of Secularism’s Religious Repression

America’s religious freedom is a “remarkable privilege,” policy analyst Jennifer Marshall states in the film [One Generation Away: The Erosion of Religious Liberty] prescreened on July 28 at Marshall’s own Heritage Foundation. Yet as the film’s namesake quotation by Ronald Reagan warns in the credits, “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction,”… Read more »

Jamin Winans’ The Frame

Since then, I haven’t heard or seen much from Winans, aside from a clever short film. As such, I was very pleasantly surprised to learn that he has completed a new feature, another fantastical-looking film titled The Frame. The film’s trailer is a kaleidoscope of intriguing imagery, including a shot of a large alien-looking structure… Read more »

Santitos/Little Saints (1999, Mexico) review

The premise is simple: a mother has doubts about her only daughter’s death and hasty funeral. Instead, she strongly suspects a case of conspiracy and human trafficking. A deeply religious person, she appeals to her little saints, her santitos, and the lines between reality and delusion quickly begin to blur. The search for her daughter… Read more »

Indian Supreme Court on PK

The Supreme Court on Thursday junked a petition seeking a stay on the screening of Aamir Khan starrer “PK” for alleged nudity and scenes with a potential to hurt religious sensibilities. The petitioner, an NGO, had objected to two scenes, one relating to Aamir, 49, posing nude with a strategically placed boom-box, and another of… Read more »

Blade Runner: The Greatest Story Ever Told

The film is actually a story about the rogue replicant Roy Batty, played by the actor Rutger Hauer. Roy Batty is the leader of a gang of replicants that Deckard is sent to catch and terminate after the first Blade Runner, Detective Holden, is wounded at the beginning of the film. Batty resembles the main… Read more »