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Chosen: Custody of the Eyes

Fundraiser: Chosen: Custody of the Eyes

A young nun’s journey into a cloistered religious order in Rockford, Ill., has been captured on film to become a feature-length documentary. Through her study of the religious order, the 36-year-old Reese, an independent...

God Help the Girl Poster

Small films with religious messages

Hannah McGill at The Scotsman wrote about religious films on the account of “God Help the Girl“: Is this a Christian film? And what if it is? “The Bible’s my tool,” trills our ravishing...

Kaum De Heere

Centre bans movie on Indira Gandhi assassination

Following serious concerns raised by the Union home ministry about Punjabi film Kaum De Heere, based on former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi’s assassination, the Centre on Thursday banned the movie’s release. …The film’s producer,...