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The Emperor: Above the Clouds of Petty Protocol

In the film Emperor (2012), religion and government are intertwined in the Japanese emperor, who was until shortly after World War II also officially a living god.  Although his aides attempt to put General MacArthur into a straightjacket of protocol for the meeting with the emperor at the end of the film, both the general and… Read more »

RIP Sir Richard Attenborough, director of “Gandhi”

Legendary British film actor Sir Richard Attenborough passed away on August 24 at the age of 90….While Attenborough was not known as a religious man, he remained agnostic about the possible existence of a higher being. Admitting that he would remain open to the idea of faith, the actor and film-maker was critical of organized… Read more »

The Master – Review

Excerpts from Allie Tollaksen‘s review at the The Observer, a student-run, newspaper serving Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s: … many assumed the film was a thinly-veiled history of a religion or a condemnation of its practices. But while “The Master” centers on a vulnerable World War II veteran (Joaquin Phoenix) who meets Dodd, the leader… Read more »

Superman And Jesus: How Superhero Films Revived Biblical Epics

The first part of Mark Hughes‘ two-part article in Forbes was titled “How Superheroes Helped Hollywood Rediscover The Bible” and started When a raging Sun makes death and destruction imminent for his people, an infant child is hidden inside a vessel and sent far away, where he’s found and raised by kind adoptive parents. The child grows… Read more »

Snowpiercer vs. The Giver (1More Film Blog)

Kenneth R. Morefield compares the two recent movies. The more heavily the ideological deck is stacked in a film, the more the viewer is forced into a passive role. Rather than being invited to engage with the film”s ideas, viewers of The Giver are allowed only to affirm them and cheer their representative–Jonas–as he attempts… Read more »

Movie Mondays: Wrestling with Religion

The Seattle Public Library wrote on its blog: If you’re looking for a thoughtful examination of people wrestling with their religious convictions, these three DVDs are a great place to start: Elmer Gantry (1960), based on the novel by Sinclair Lewis, is one of the most important and controversial films about religion ever made. Burt Lancaster stars in the title… Read more »

Fundraiser: Chosen: Custody of the Eyes

A young nun’s journey into a cloistered religious order in Rockford, Ill., has been captured on film to become a feature-length documentary. Through her study of the religious order, the 36-year-old Reese, an independent scholar and interdisciplinary artist, developed a close, yet respectful, relationship with Heather, a young woman who began in 2005 to think… Read more »

Small films with religious messages

Hannah McGill at The Scotsman wrote about religious films on the account of “God Help the Girl“: Is this a Christian film? And what if it is? “The Bible’s my tool,” trills our ravishing protagonist, named Eve, in the course of the film’s first song. Later on, she and a friend talk positively about going… Read more »

May in the Summer – movie review

May in the Summer has a whole lot going for it, but in an embarrassment of thematic riches, it seems to lose sight of the core story it set out to tell in the first place: May’s story. Encapsulated in the question of, “Should I get married to the man to whom I am engaged?”… Read more »