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Religious Short Film Prize

The Religious Short Film Prize is an opportunity for film-makers to explore the religious quest through a powerful contemporary medium. Religious themes are as varied as human beings are in the world.     ‪ Film-makers are invited from all religions or no religions. Buddhists, Mormons, Christians, Moslems, Hindus, Atheists, Christadelphians, Jews, Scientologists, Jedi’s ……. all welcome…. Read more »

Dartmouth’s Religion faculty discuss the value of a liberal arts education

“I think the academic study of religion is a portal to the liberal arts.” “Our [religion] students come out particularly well-schooled in their writing skills…their oral communication skills, and in their critical thinking skills.” “Above all, [the study of religion] provides insight into what it means to be human.” These observations, and more, by Religion… Read more »

That Old Time Religion Ain’t Good Enough For Me: Scopes Monkey Trial and Inherit the Wind

[July 21 marked] the 90th anniversary of the final day of the infamous Scopes Monkey Trial, held in the small town of Dayton, Tennessee. The events surrounding the trial not only made headlines throughout the world, it also inspired popular stage and film adaptations. On July 10, 1925, a Dayton, Tennessee school teacher, John T…. Read more »

Issues of faith win over judges at Jerusalem Film Festival

As the annual Jerusalem Film Festival closed Monday night, it was Tikkun, a quiet, thoughtful film about a serious Haredi student and his questions of faith, that won the festival’s biggest feature film award. Avishai Sivan’s Tikkun was awarded the Haggiag Family Award for Israeli Cinema for best feature. The film also won the Anat… Read more »

Kansas Congressman appears in controversial film

U.S. Rep. Tim Huelskamp appears in a controversial documentary, comparing gay rights to communism and saying gay marriage will bring the second coming of Jesus Christ. The Kansas Congressman joins other well-known Republicans like Mike Huckabee and Rand Paul pushing what they call a Christian message against gay marriage. We wanted to know why Huelskamp… Read more »

Religion and Film Studies in a Muslim Country

We were delighted to see so much interest in religion and film studies and we hope that the Conference will be a springboard for the exchange of ideas regarding religion and film among Turkish scholars. Indeed, we hope that Turkish universities might now sponsor conferences of their own on religion and film, thereby giving Turkish… Read more »